Ghobash Group

About Ghobash


Established in 1981, Ghobash Trading and Investment Company (Ghobash Group) is a privately-owned, diversified Group that focuses on growth through value-creation. The Group has interests in high-growth sectors, including investments, information technology, healthcare, retail and hospitality, real estate, industrial, trade and services.

With a 30-year track record of success, the Ghobash Group has established itself as one of the region’s diverse business groups. Working with partners, who share the same values, the Group seeks out sustainable and profitable investment opportunities in both the private and public sectors, which not only provide optimum stakeholder value but also make sustainable contributions to the communities in which the Group operates.

In depth experience, combined with an intimate knowledge of the regional economy, enables Ghobash Group to identify, and provide access to, the best business opportunities across the region, backed by personal commitment.

Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, and with offices in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar, the Ghobash has created a regional infrastructure, that collectively develops new partnerships and investments that support economic and social prosperity.

A core strength of the Group is its people. Each employee is treated as a valued member of the Ghobash family and the Group embraces a corporate culture that fosters excellence, team spirit and creativity and helps to drive the Group’s growth.


Investment is one of the core activities of the group. The Ghobash Group invests its capital in a diversified array of private and public companies. Our concept of investment is centered around a strategic mixture of long and short term investments, continuously managed by experienced professionals.

  • ABAN Investment

Retail and Hospitality

The Ghobash Group enjoys extensive retail and hospitality expertise due to its high involvement in the sector and solid historic background. Starting as an operator of a key shopping center (Sahara Center).

  • Sahara Centre
  • Ataya Enterprises
  • Prime Hospitality
  • SSP Emirates
  • Al Itharah Amusement Center

Trade and Services

The Ghobash Group has mutually beneficial relationships with key general trading and service entities that cater to multiple sectors, from oil and gas to office automation.

  • GCG Digital Imaging and Office Services
  • IDS Energy
  • GCG Engineering Services
  • GCG Interiors

Information Technology

The Ghobash Group represents a portfolio of business partners in the IT sector that demonstrate competitive advantage and are led by credible management teams.

  • Computer Network Systems (CNS)
  • Emitac Group


As part of its diversified growth strategy to become the partner of choice for regional clients within the chemicals industry, the Ghobash Group supplies chemical raw materials and finished products to more than 30 countries in East Asia and Africa.

  • Tawazon Chemical Company
  • Spectrum Industries

Real Estate

Real estate investment throughout the UAE remains one of the Ghobash Group's core activities. The company's real estate portfolio includes commercial towers, luxury residences, retail showrooms and warehouses. Ghobash's real estate development and property management arm, Makeen Properties, develops commercial, residential; and retail properties to match market demand.

  • Makeen Properties


With in-depth knowledge and experience of new techniques, products and regulatory expertise, the Ghobash Group brings with it a broad understanding of the healthcare sector through two subsidiaries,

  • Arabian Ethicals Company
  • Emitac Healthcare.

Message from Chairman


The Ghobash Group is committed to support the national objectives of economic and social prosperity for the region. Our Corporate Strategy, focused on growth and value creation is backed not only by a regional knowledge of local market conditions but by insight into the factors which created them. Our approach in developing new opportunities is both intuitive and systematic. We seek progressive partners and principals with products and services to meet the growing needs of the public and private sectors. Through the establishment of such associations, international corporations are able to introduce their expertise to the Emirates with the full support of the Ghobash Group of companies.

- Saeed A Ghobash, Chairman, The Ghobash Group.