How MPS Works

How MPS Works

Managed Print Services (MPS) or Managed Document Services (MDS) methodology focuses upon the document, not the hardware. The equipment becomes purely a facilitation device to provide the right quality document in the right place at the right time. There are four stages of MPS or MDS; Assess, Design, Implement, & Manage:


Assess - Expert comprehensive assessment of current print infrastructures.

Expert comprehensive assessment of current print infrastructures We will visit your site(s) and assess the current state by analysing device types, configuration, output volumes, and other requirements such as A4 and A3, colour and mono, security, workflow and service. This will then provide an accurate picture of your business requirements.

Design - Recommendations to optimise print fleet

Design is focused on creating a solution around hardware, software and support services that will meet the customer’s business and project objectives. Falcon will always seek to leverage and utilise a client’s existing technology investment. As part of the initial analysis and design phase, an optimal hardware deployment solution will be proposed which will be reviewed and agreed with the customer and be supported by the design principles.

Implement - Professionally managed roll out of the jointly agreed strategy

From supplying the hardware to providing training materials for your in-house IT department, we will make sure you have everything you need for a successful implementation. Once the rollout is complete, our software provides you with a precise picture of your printing volumes and type, and how your hardware is performing.

Manage - Evaluation and reporting of newly optimised print infrastructure

Our regular Service and Fleet Effectiveness reports accurately measure and track benefits being delivered. We continue to re-assess and manage the changing needs of your organisation and optimise document processes, workflows and management.