Kodak Digital Offset Plates

Whether you’re looking to improve your productivity and get to press faster, print stunning, photorealistic images to differentiate your business, or reduce your costs and environmental impact, Kodak has a plate to meet your specific business needs.

Kodak’s press ready technology lets you take plates straight to press, with no costly and time consuming processing or clean out step. And with KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plates, you don’t have to sacrifice the productivity and print capabilities of mainstream processed plates. 

Reducing plate processing chemistry is an easy way to both improve your business’s sustainability and reduce costs. KODAK TRILLIAN SP and ELECTRA XD Plates offer good saving and reduce processing time, or eliminate processing chemistry completely with KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plates

SONORA Plates are the next step for offset plate technology, but you can be confident that the technology is field proven. Over 2,000 customers around the world are using this plate technology, printing many different applications on many different types of presses.

In general, with SONORA Process Free Plates, you can:

  • Reduce energy, water, and chemistry costs
  • Free up space by eliminating processing equipment
  • Eliminate the variability from processing to improve consistency and quality
  • Get to press faster
  • Reduce maintenance costs and downtime with less equipment
  • Provide a cleaner, safer working environment
  • Reduce your environmental impact and be an environmental leader in the industry and in your community

Process Free Plates

Plates that completely eliminate processing chemistry and equipment. SONORA XP Plates can be imaged on KODAK TRENDSETTER, KODAK MAGNUS, or KODAK ACHIEVE Platesetters, and are qualified for many other thermal platesetters as well. SONORA NEWS Plates can be imaged on KODAK GENERATION NEWS or KODAK TRENDSETTER NEWS Platesetters. Because of the fast imaging speeds of SONORA Plates, you can achieve your platesetter’s maximum throughput capability with all but the very fastest platesetters.

SONORA XP Plate:A new class of plates for medium and large commercial printers, delivering the productivity, quality, and print capabilities of mainstream processed plates while completely eliminating the need for plate processing.

SONORA NEWS Plate:Newspaper printers can get to press quickly by eliminating the processing step, along with its costs and variability, without sacrificing imaging speeds, automation, quality, and run lengths..

Commercial & Publication Plates

Kodak was first to commercialize thermal CTP in 1995, and since then Kodak has led the way in digital plate innovation. With KODAK Digital Plates, you can find a plate that meets your business needs, whether you require speed, high resolution, long run length, or even no processing.
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Newspaper Plates

Thermal and violet plates to meet your newspaper printing needs.

  • Plate Processors and Ovens

    To get the most out of your prepress operation, you need more than just great plates. With plate line equipment from Kodak, you can be sure that you have a complete system optimized for maximum efficiency and with a single source for support.
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    Plate Chemistry

    KODAK Plate Chemistry is optimized to process our portfolio of digital plates. KODAK Plate Chemistry features exceptional consistency, productivity, and unsurpassed quality. Backed by Kodak's expert service and support, our chemistry solutions can help you save time, money, and valuable resources.
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