Support Services

As a trusted UAE Office Imaging service provider , you can rest assured that GCG will maintain your products and software in full accordance with manufacturers’ standards . Our full range of Support Services offers you many ways to obtain the help and support you need to maximise productivity across your business.

Solutions are quickly delivered and implemented to maximize uptime.  All services are managed through our flexible Service Level Agreements, which can be tailored to meet your business needs. GCG uses FM Audit software that can save you time and cost with intelligent web-based reporting that enables you to deliver device efficiency.

Please call GCG Service at 800-4301 or email at to inquire and know more about our support services.


Tailored support to meet your needs

GCG Support Services can help your need to maximize the productivity of your document governance. Our extensive range of services includes web-based, telephone and on-site support. We can also supply permanent on-site personnel to protect mission-critical applications.

Support Services

In the event that a problem does arise, GCG Support Services are on-hand to ensure they are resolved quickly and with minimum impact to your business. By keeping your document solution functioning fluently, we will focus upon minimizing the impact on productivity across your organisation. Our services include online virtual helpdesk, helpdesk support services, remote support services, and on-site support services.

Maintenance Services

Designed to ensure that our products are maintained in optimum condition, Maintenance Services include s include on-site repairs, system wide health checks, product swap out services, and extended warranty services and hot stand by supports

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