Digital Signature Solution

GCG helps you sign digitally, so you don’t need to print a form or an agreement to sign it and scan back. Moreover, the customers don’t have to sign any paper or to go through several pages to sign which makes their experience with the organization not the greatest.

In addition, it is also time consuming for employees and an inefficient way for them as those signed documents need to go through several departments for approvals which might increase even the risk of losing one of the signed documents in the process.

By implementing digital signature solutions, you can drastically reduce cost, improve efficiency and work processes by reducing work documents that need signatures; hence, eliminating the paper, making approvals faster.

Designed for organizations both large and small


Optimized electronic signature workflow for all devices and channels


Quickly deploy on-premises or on a public or private cloud


Automates any use case: B2C, B2B and internal


Unified platform for easily scaling across your entire enterprise


Encrypts each person’s electronic signature using advanced digital signature technology


Data centers in 8 global locations for in-country data residency compliance

Audit Trails

Comprehensive audit trails for demonstrating compliance