E-Signature Solution




Gulf Commercial Group is Proud to offer Euronovate Signature Solution which focuses on native paperless and applying a unique end-to-end industrial model, with different partners covering all the phases of the paperless program.

We believe that native paperless solutions developed using our approach will transform every document with handwritten signature in electronic document with the same legal validity in all industries at world-wide level.

Eliminating paper from the origination is a matter of end-to-end process; every single step has to be completely restructured detail by detail, using law, processes, security and technology with an innovative approach.

Benefits for customers are huge, starting from cost reduction, deriving from saving on paper, printing, archiving and research process streamline (we estimate a reduction from 5% to 10% of total network FTE in Financial Institutions) and providing new marketing opportunities through a new approach to customer with electronic signature.