Variable Data Printing

Business process & Data-driven communication automation


Variable data printing is the ability to link data to a print file, creating highly relevant, one-to-one direct mail pieces. GCG offers PlanetPress, state of the art solution to offer variable and personalized printing.

PlanetPress reads whatever your current systems output and provides you with the tools and freedom to use data any way you want. You’ll fall back in love with your systems all over again. PlanetPress allows you to add value to your business documents and distribute them in a format that best suits the recipient’s preferences.

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The PlanetPress Suite Workflow & Companion Tools

Composition and workflow engines for producing variable data documents

PlanetPress Production

PlanetPress Production
Can output to any number of PostScript or non-PostScript printing devices with or without OL Printer licenses.*

PlanetPress Office

PlanetPress Office
Can output to any number of Windows® printer drivers and to all OL licensed PostScript devices.

PlanetPress Watch

PlanetPress Watch
Can output to licensed PostScript® devices only, driving printer centric devices for distributed applications.

PlanetPress Design

PlanetPress Design
For easy variable data document creation and any Windows & PDF document enrichment or repurposing.

PlanetPress Imaging

PlanetPress Imaging
Generates PDF, TIFF, JPG, VDX, PDF/X, PDF/A and AutoStore versions of variable data documents, emails and/or faxes and/or archives/indexes them automatically.

PlanetPress Printer Licenses

PlanetPress Printer Licenses
Printing licenses for PostScript Devices. Licenses can be used with any of the workflow tools or as stand-alone items

Start from any document
With PlanetPress you can design your invoices, your reports or any business document from scratch or you can import a PDF file into the designer and start your redesign work from that file to save some time.

All your data and assets are in one place.
Images, dynamic graphics, data from print streams, databases, XML files or any other text based format stored anywhere, can be read by PlanetPress and easily mapped onto a document. We know, it’s kind of cool.

Get personal
Call your customers by name. Merge data from different systems to add value and personalization to your communications so they become more relevant to your customers.

Add or remove content as you want
Use wizards to add dynamic data driven pie, line and bar charts. Text, graphics, even complete pages can logically change based on information in your data stream.

PlanetPress’ Workflow tool
Whatever needs to happen to your document can be automated. The drag and drop interface lets you easily create and manage document workflows that fit your organizational logic.

Trigger processes from any entry point
Upon reception of any source including shared folders, Windows print queues, e-mail messages, ODBC compliant databases, Telnet, FTP and even Anoto digital pen, you can configure PlanetPress to automatically trigger printing, emailing, publishing or updating processes.

You’re not captive
Objectif Lune’s development philosophy is all about freeing our customers from captive environments. This is why PlanetPress is built as a toolset that you can play with. Being adaptive and customizable is what this software is all about.

You’re not alone either
The PlanetPress workflow tool offer numerous easy to use built-in objects to simplify connecting to and communicating with almost any enterprise application. Of course, if you need any help, we have a pretty awesome support team as well as online training available.