Security Systems

We offer a set of cutting-edge systems

Security of a building is a major priority for any organization in order to safeguard people, assets and track individuals coming in and out.

GCG offers turnkey complete security systems to support every organization. We bring to you full integrated security solutions for all your security needs whether you are a large or small organization.

Turnstiles Gates

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to security issues. Turnstile Gates are key elements to improve the safety of buildings and facilities.
They enables companies to autonomously and effectively control the entrance of their facilities to prevent unauthorized entries.

GCG will support you in your security journey, by assessing, selecting, and supplying the right turnstiles gates to meet your needs

Enhanced Security
Accurate Attendance Tracking
Operational Flexibility
Lower Operational Cost

CCTV Systems

CCTV systems offer 24/7 surveillance for premises and fixed installations where monitoring is the utmost priority. In fact, CCTV Camera System are instant deterrent to any potential intruders

GCG offers cutting-edge CCTV Camera Systems for every specific building need whether outdoor or indoor areas.

Network Camera

Rendering high-quality images across a range of lighting conditions, in addition to face recognition and analytics

Analog Camera

High quality images for your basic video security requirements

NVR Video Recorder 

Top quality cameras deserve top quality NVR to meet your requirements

Digital Video Recorder 

Top quality device to record your videos in digital format

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems serve a major role in all sensitive areas of a building, allowing only the right persons to enter at a given time.

As customer requirements grow more complex, we will enable you combine our access control systems different authentication methods (ID’ cards, Face recognition, fingerprints,…etc)

Face Recognition Terminals
Card Terminals (swipe & Type)
Fingerprint Terminals
Card Readers

Access Control Systems – Benefits

Every company wants to keep its business secure, hence, the need for an access control system.

Access Control Systems provides several benefits that further strengthens and safeguard your organization’s asset

Restrict Sensitive Areas
Increased Safety &Security
Lower Operational Cost
Easy History Record

Intrusion Detection

Risks of intrusions are becoming higher as technology evolve. Therefore, businesses need to stay alert and protect their assets against any intrusion.

Beside the traditional intrusion detectors, GCG offers innovative intrusion detection systems to support your organization security and safety journey.

Digital Temperature Compensation

It copes with temperature changes and ensures alarm sensitivity.

Anti Blocking

It detects all the field of view for any blockage. The detector will send an alert to the alarm panel if the FOV is obstructed by objects any object

Dual Technology Detection

Heat detection and motion detection.

he intrusion detector will only sound an alarm when both sensors are triggered