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Business Process Outsourcing

You’ve got to hand IT to us. And we’ll do it right.

Leave the day to day management of workflow and operations to the experts and enjoy greater operational flexibility.By outsourcing non-core and administrative functions, you can reallocate time and resources to other core competencies.Enjoy greater accountability from an outsourced team – where job security means meeting contractual agreements and a reporting policy designed for client satisfaction.

Improve your customer relations and product leadership, and give yourself the competitive edge over competing businesses in your industry.

Being leaders in our field, GCG Enterprise Solutions also offers you access to the most innovative technological resources as we strive to constantly maintain our business leadership best practices and the latest technologies.

Managed IT Services

Need IT done properly? Ask us to do it.

In today’s fiercely competitive market, your can’t afford to dilute resources and expenses on non-core business, and yet the IT infrastructure of your enterprise is of paramount importance for its smooth running. It might be better therefore, for you to outsource your digital requirements and enjoy scalable, affordable service with a specialist partner your can trust.

A dedicated GCG Enterprise Solutions customer service and support team will be on hand to monitor all your networks and operations, and offer dedicated customer service and support for end-customers and users. With direct access to technical field engineers trained to troubleshoot any issues in real-time, we’ll also reduce downtime to keep your business operations running smoothly.

Resource Augmentation

Market Ready, Set, Go!

Why invest in personnel or hardware for any single project? Why limit yourself to projects based on your current resource capabilities? 

GCG Enterprise Solutions has access to best-in-industry resources to augment your current business model on a long or short term basis for the most efficient return on your investment. 

By placing the right business resource, be it a person, program or piece of equipment where and when you need it now, we’ll ensure that your business grows to make it a permanent feature in the future.

Don’t miss an opportunity to take that brave step towards success with a partner in business that is driven to watch you succeed. 

After all, every win is a feather in our cap.

Accessing information from your existing IT systems, RPA tools can integrate with your applications through connections to databases and enterprise web services in the backend as well as through multiple forms of front-end or desktop connections.

Asset Tagging & Audit Service

It’s easiest when someone else does it right

If you’re approaching your asset management for the first time, the challenge of auditing and identifying your current assets can be a daunting consideration. 

Ask GCG Enterprise Solutions, the experts in asset tagging and auditing to help you take control of your assets with an inclusive service to get your on track from the start. Our qualified engineers will design the most suitable asset management solution for your company’s needs, complete a full audit of your assets and set up for the easiest handover. You’ll never look back! 

This will help you create an efficient inventory management with a cost effective physical auditing.