Visitor management Platform

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The need to track occupants entering and leaving buildings may have increased due to COVID-19 protocols, but the security risk of building visitors is not new.  The increased flexibility in hybrid workplaces means business happens quickly and visitors may be unexpected or last-minute.  Maintaining your security and safety protocols while creating an inviting experience for guests creates the ideal environment for high-quality work and productivity. 

Our Visitor Management System (VMS®) provides comprehensive, enterprise-class visitor registration, tracking, reporting, and badge printing, as well as web-based pre-registration and access control to manage your visitors and their visits in an efficient manner.

Online Tracking, Help & Support

Black-listed visitors can’t pre-register online, so they need a security clearance to unblock their accounts and grant online access.

VIP Registrations

VIPs can register their visits via a simple web page. The host will receive a notification and details will appear in the pre-registered list at reception without host approval.


Visitors can pre-register their visits online via a simple web-page. The host will receive a request to approve the visit and a notification will be sent to the visitor after approval.

Telephone & On-site Visits

Department secretaries can pre-register their visitors via a simple web page. Visitors details will appear in the pre-registered list at reception.

SMS & Email Instance Verification and Notification

SMS and Email reminder sent ahead of the visit. SMS also includes contact details and Google Maps link.

General Overview of VMS