Smart Solutions

You’ve got to hand IT to us.
And then we’ll do it right.

Get started with a digital whiteboard solution for your classroom or meeting room, complete with annotation, screen sharing, and cloud storage capabilities.

Our wide range of interactive flat panel displays is designed as an open platform with excellent collaborative capabilities, ideal for meetings and presentations in corporate or educational environments. With open collaboration in mind, these systems are designed to work seamlessly with Google-based platforms and are fully compatible with Windows 10 systems.

Physical integration allows multiple users to write, highlight, edit, and transform documents and images on-screen in real-time; leveraging interactive displays to create more engaging presentations in meetings.

Users can share screens, as well as cast-in and out from anywhere in the world.

Our flagship interactive display is tailored for visual collaboration in a digital workplace. Adopting advanced touch technology, it has a flat touchscreen to deliver precise responsiveness and the most accurate touch experience.

Together with the smart pen, it enables you to write naturally and accurately like a real pen on a 4K Ultra HD resolution screen, streamlining visual collaboration.

Our solution has quick, easy connectivity for content sharing via USB-C cable or wireless. Furthermore, it has a high quality video conferencing solution for the remote workforce