Enterprise Room Booking Platform

Control Your Workspace

When booking a meeting room, you can ensure the room has the necessary technology, facilities, safety, and general conditions you need to be productive and complete your tasks to your satisfaction. Take the stress of booking a room out of your busy schedule with the tools you need to search, view and book one all-in-one seamless workflow.

Room Scheduling System

  • Deploy Internet or Intranet
  • On-premise or on Cloud
  • Search & Book – Non-Resource Room
  • Role-based approval
  • Policy-based room utilization
  • Remote device management
  • Outlook add-in (no need to install the separate app)


Desk Booking System

Boost teamwork even with people working hybrid, partly-from-home, or in remote locations. Desk booking supports individual and group planning of office use while you direct the business. Desk booking helps you control how many people come to the office and how they use the workspace – giving people flexibility while making sure everyone stays safe.

  • Allow booking desks in advance on selected dates
  • Enable personal social interaction
  • Manage hybrid settings – limit office capacity any time
  • Gather data about office occupancy


The solution we have built is an extension of our comprehensive back-end that brought you multi-domain booking, enterprise-level security, and years of experience managing your desk bookings. 


At the same time, the solution we have designed is simple and based on our ultimate goal of maximizing end-user productivity.