Document Scanning & Capture

Even the right information in the wrong place is a total waste of resources.

Today’s intelligent data and document capture solutions enable companies with greater facility to sort, capture and archive printed documents while creating systems that give you complete control and access to your captured data information at every step of the workflow.

Digitizing documents makes them instantly accessible to multiple parties for editing or authorization. 

Whether you’re Scanning-to-Process or Scanning-to-Archive, GCG Enterprise Solutions makes business easy with state-of-the-art solutions that maximize efficiencies during the document capture processes. So not only do you miss nothing, but can also take only what you need. Choose the experts and minimize the risk of paying too much for software that doesn’t meet your exacting requirements.

Scanning Hardware

Quick and accurate document scanning using intelligent technology

Advances in scanning systems constantly increase their usefulness in different environments. At GCG Enterprise Solutions, we augment state-of-the-art scanning technology with software that not only makes the scanning process faster, but it allows you to program your solutions to extract exacting groups of data – making it more useful than ever before. 

Whether it’s a bank’s scanning application forms or telephony clients inputting identification imagery, output is reliant on the quality of the scanned images, which is why we’ve thoroughly tested every device in our portfolio.

Digitization & Scanning Service

Full-Service Scalable Scanning Solution

When you can replace whole rooms of filed documents with a matchbox-sized SSD drive, digital image scanning just makes sense.

GCG Enterprise Solutions offers a range of scanning solutions from proposing and selling you the most affordable scanning hardware to complete scanning solutions that cover your entire operation. 

A range of scanning hardware and software at your fingertips ensures you can transform paper forms into digital information in no time at all. 

With our scanning service, your project is handled by our professionals, so there’s no need to hire new staff. We’ll also integrate security measures and access control along with a document identification system that will cut down search times.

Capture Integrated Solutions

Comprehensive Attention to every Digital Detail

Clients choose GCG Enterprise Solutions because we take the complication out of technology, creating an effortless environment for their business operations. After careful consultancy and gap analysis, we will recommend and integrate capture solutions across all verticals, allowing you to manage your documents safely and more efficiently while working towards a paperless environment. 


Our consultants assess and select bespoke solutions, implement and train clients, and supervise work

Capture Software

It allows you to scan and process both physical paper and digital electronic documents

Scanner Hardware

We offer cutting edge desktop, production or large format scanner hardware to suit your needs

Conversion Services

We define the project scope, schedule implementation, and support with an on-going scanning & imaging service.

Distributed Capture / Enterprise Capture

A decentralized, distributed capture and document scanning approach is easier.

Imagine applying for a loan with a bank representative in the comfort of your own home. Distributed capture solutions make document capture possible anywhere. 

  • Capturing closer to the source (or customer) means improved accuracy – that’s a better customer experience.
  • Documents don’t need to be transported or mailed to a central location – that’s money saved. 
  • Data can be encrypted on the spot – that’s a safer process.
  • Workers capture documents according to their responsibilities and are hence closer to the digitized content they require at any time – that’s more efficient.
  • PLUS Less paper means less mess.

Cognitive Capture for Data Extraction and OCR

Keep an Eye on the Quality of your Data.

GCG Enterprise Solutions’ imaging technology makes your large scale scanning function easier by using AI to intelligently and rapidly process document data at the same time that it’s captured. 

  • Using optical recognition technology, the automated process quickly and accurately identifies documents by looking for barcodes, markers, and document templates. 
  • Once the system identifies the type of document being scanned, it automatically applies a pre-defined set of rules to extract specific data and instantly convert it into useful business information.
  • Not only can days of manual input be reduced to fractions of a second, there is zero chance of human error. 
  • In addition, our Cognitive Capture solutions’ ability to recognize additional types of documents using OCR is virtually limitless. 

Mobile Capture

Customer Data in Good Hands – Theirs.

Smartphone ownership sits at 90% of the operating market. In the UAE, it’s practically impossible to integrate with any government, banking, or healthcare system without a smartphone. 

While many institutions already accept photo-scanned documents for everything from banking applications to booking airplane tickets, GCG Enterprise Solutions will reduce risk, ensure legal compliance, and make it easier overall for your company to make use of technology that is already in the hands of every one of your client.