Established in 1982, The Digital Imaging & Office Services Solutions of Gulf Commercial Group was created to become a leading office automation solutions provider for the thriving UAE market. By embracing the printing industry’s phenomenal digital transformation over the years, ‘GCG-DDS’ developed a natural proclivity for new technologies and gained an enviable reputation for its expertise in integrating digital enterprise solutions of all kinds into their clients’ businesses. Keen to take a market leadership position, GCG-DDS has made the strategic decision to expand its horizons into two focused areas of operation with each carrying a new corporate identity under the umbrella of GCG’s holding company – The Ghobash Group. Now known as GCG ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS, the company focuses on Enterprise Information Management, Digital Transformation, and Interactive Smart Solutions, and guides our clients with the most comprehensive portfolio of business information management technology in the UAE.

Why Choose GCG Enterprise Solutions?

24/7 Support

Round-the-clock support for clients from a dedicated service team that is always  on standby.

38 Years in Business

Matchless experience in delivering premium pre- and after-sales services to the GCC and surrounding region.

Proven Track Record

A long list of distinguished clients continues to benefit from innovative thinking and foresight.

In-House Software Team

Inventive solutions are built by some of the most creative technical minds in the world today.

ICV Certified

ICV certified through continuous contributions to UAE Human Capability, Development and Productivity

+200 Employees

Professionals with the expertise to solve mission-critical business challenges the first time.

We Sell Solutions

A full-service of software, hardware and storage technologies to solve all business pain points.

Partner to Best Vendors

Long-standing partnerships with internationally established information management leaders.


From the start, we understood that to remain competitive in a saturating market—more than increased sales—our clients needed improved margins, which would come from reduced expenses. Our niche expertise in office document management and with the backing of the Ghobash Group, put us in a prime position to work with key customers and grow together by helping to streamline their businesses.

We have since witnessed unprecedented changes in the world of business as technology has disrupted nearly every business format on an almost daily basis. By maintaining our lead on the shifting state of document management, our valued list of loyal clients continues to benefit from ever-improving expertise, innovative thinking, and unique foresight.

Today the company in its new format provides innovative digital document and information management solutions built on the world’s most advanced technologies to stay ahead of the phenomenal development in the UAE and Gulf region.

Through our strategic alliances with leading international brands, GCG Enterprise Solutions has established an enviable reputation for delivering premium standards, after-sale service, and technical support to meet our client’s commercial requirements.