Large Format

When Size Matters, Go Big

GCG Enterprise Solutions is the market leader in the engineering of wide format drawing solutions.

Durability, reliability, cost-effectiveness, industry coverage and service support are just a few of the many reasons why we have the regional market leadership in monochrome and color devices. The unprecedented growth of the worldwide web has facilitated first the need and then the creation of a complete line of office monochrome and color laser multifunction printer that is a copier, printer, scanner and fax machine all in one. It offers cost savings and office efficiency. Our product portfolio ranges from entry-level devices up to high-speed heavy-duty printers. GCG Enterprise Solutions is committed to meeting the needs of an ever-changing world where speed, quality and eco-friendliness are key success factors. Our socially responsible printing solutions make our organization the right partner for those pursuing sustainable business growth in today’s marketplace.

Our high-speed color and monochrome production printers for commercial; high-quality printers for graphic art, and state of the Art Prepress equipment enhance your workflow solutions. Solutions also include consumables for the commercial print industry.

Large format printing today is drastically growing in the region as the equipment and running costs of those machines have reduced significantly.

We provide Large format printers that scan and store poster-size prints with an unmatched production quality.

We work with specialists to make sure that we offer the best large format systems to meet all your organization’s requirements in terms of speed, quality, and productivity.