Audio Visual systems

We offer a set of cutting-edge systems

Audiovisual (AV) systems are part of everyday life.

Whether presenting in a small meeting room or in a conference hall, speaking via video link to a colleague on the other side of the world, enjoying close-ups of the action on a giant stadium screen, studying via distance learning or viewing an interactive video wall in an art gallery the place for quality visual access for people in work or play is more important than ever.

Video Walls

Wherever video walls go, they are the centerpiece of attention. People can hardly be blamed for focusing on them, as they are capable of incredible visual designs at a scale that no other technology can match.

We offer you:

  • World Slimmest VideoWall Bezels (0.88 mm)
  • Easy installation & setup.
  • UHD content support
  • Complete monitoring and control 
  • Cost effective VideoWall displays using UHD Loop out

Where To Use Video Walls ?

Conference Room

Engage Employees & Customers With Effective Communication

Our digital signage for corporate communications and conference rooms empowers you to create a corporate environment focused on communication that energizes your employees to collaborate, while your IT team can easily control the office signage from a central location.

Seamless collaboration

A full suite of innovative and fully-integrated workplace and meeting room digital signage solutions that enable seamless collaboration to engage, empower and retain employees.

Engaging communication

From the lobby to your training rooms, elevate your corporate environment with visual innovation and a customized experience to leave a lasting impression on new talent, customers and employees alike.

Easy to manage and control

Conveniently manage content and control displays remotely from a central location with powerful digital signage software.


Say goodbye to unwieldy paper flipchart, messy whiteboards and smelly markers. Engage with your presentation digitally with a touchscreen solution

Cinema Video System

The Future of Cinema Is Now

Sensing the need to transcend the outdated projector-based systems that have been the industry standard over the past 120 years, GCG is prepared to play a starring role in delivering the most advanced graphics and refined production techniques and defining the “cinema of the future” with our new Cinema LED Technology by Samsung

Cinema Video System

Better Contrast

Dramatic depth and picture detail

Highest Brightness

A sharper and more detailed rich presentation

Greater Spectrum of Colors

Perfect color accuracy for a range of hues

Perfect Uniformity

Distraction-free designs keeps audiences focused on featured content

Smart LED Signage

LED signage can keep pace with changing situations, weather conditions, etc. It allows you to customize your advertising message for your target audience. 

GCG offers customized LED signage to support your business with its media and communication strategy.

We offer the following:

  • Indoor and Outdoor LED Signage
  • Schedule content and control LED Wall
  • One stop shop and one support point from GCG/Samsung
  • Indoor Pixel Pitch start from : 0.8mm ….. To 6mm
  • Outdoor Pixel Pitch start from: 2.9mm ….. To 20mm

Where To Use Our LED Signage – Indoor

Where To Use Our LED Signage – Outdoor


Get started with a digital whiteboard solution for your classroom or meeting room, complete with annotation, screen sharing, and cloud storage capabilities.

Our wide range of interactive flat-panel displays are designed as an open platform with excellent collaborative capabilities, ideal for meetings and presentations in corporate or education environments.

With open collaboration in mind these systems are designed to work seamlessly with Google-based platforms and are fully compatible with Windows 10 systems.

Physical integration allows multiple users to write, highlight, edit, and transform documents and images on-screen in real-time; leveraging interactive displays to create a more engaging presentation in meetings.

Users can share screens, as well as cast-in and out from anywhere in the world.