Managed Document Services

Your One-Stop Printing Shop.

While we’re all working towards a paperless office, we know too that there are certain business processes that just can’t be done without printed materials. 

Managed Document Services (MDS) is a superior solution to Managed Print Services (MPS) because where MPS only focuses on output, MDS optimizes your entire document output process – from capturing to archiving, workflows to security and environmental impact.

  • Economic: complete cost transparency and savings of up to 30%
  • Optimization: increased productivity and employee motivation
  • Hassle-free: professional, customized and from a single source
  • Eco-friendly: improved environmental and sustainability management
  • Secure: improved monitoring and protection of data and documents

Environmental Benefits

Implement tighter controls and more efficient management of your printing, helping to reduce energy consumption, decrease paper use and reduce waste.

Increased Productivity 

Why should employees waste time dealing with printer problems? Printing devices stay up to date and employees have the features they need.


Accurately measure and report printing costs with a clearly defined savings KPI. Regular volume, consumables, and stored stock reports always available.  

Information Protection

We offer expert advice on secure workflows, user authentication, secure document output, and data protection regulations.