Intelligent Workflow

We-think the way your business flows.

Increased workload is the main cause of employee stress. But as salaries account for much of a company’s expenses, staff reductions mean employees are being given yet more responsibility to pick up the slack.

To maintain healthy employee relations, GCG Enterprise Solutions will help you design the most efficient workflow solution using tried and tested practices and automated technologies. 

Reshape your organization’s existing business processes to achieve optimal efficiency. Facilitate completion of your organization’s projects with a variety of tools to help improve and streamline how your business processes are performed.

Software components include business analytics, workflow engines, business rules, web forms, and collaboration tools.

BPM enhances the control and visibility of your processes while our defined approach will bridge the existing gap between IT and business processes to improve business performance and operational agility.

Business Process Automation

Switch on your business and let it run.

Enable employees to better focus on high priority tasks by pushing routine tasks to software to complete. 

From automatically processing and filing digitized documents data to triggering actions across multiple systems acting on the behalf of an employee, GCG Enterprise Solutions automation enables non-technical professionals to self-serve and configure robots for themselves to solve their own automation challenges.

Your journey to a fully digitalized, paperless enterprise is made easy with our cutting-edge technology applied in the most efficient manner to solve your daily mission-critical objectives.

Robotic Process Automation

Model employees that work without wages.

In today’s digital age, routine tasks are drastically increasing. As a result, automation is becoming a crucial factor to increase efficiency, compliance, productivity and reduce cost. 

You can achieve the margins for success while nearly eliminating the margin for error with GCG Enterprise Solutions Robotic Process Automation solutions. 

By robotizing processes. we will help you capitalize on the emerging technology to automate processes and therefore significantly save costs.

RPA works by accessing information from your existing IT systems. There are numerous ways that RPA tools can integrate with your applications. One option is through connections to databases and enterprise web services in the backend. Another is through front end or desktop connections that take multiple forms.

Accessing information from your existing IT systems, RPA tools can integrate with your applications through connections to databases and enterprise web services in the backend as well as through multiple forms of front-end or desktop connections.

Even repetitive tasks need to be done right.

Robotics can drive your company’s overall efficiency strategy or play a part, however, it will improve quality, scalability and resilience in a cost effective way.

Talk to the GCG Enterprise Solutions team and we’ll find ways to apply RPA to meet your business needs.

  • Elimination of human errors
  • Improved compliance/auditability
  • Increased satisfaction of employees
  • Full audit trail
Data Quality 
Cost Savings 
High Speed Implementation
Business Continuity 
Customer Experience 
High Quality Workforce
Increased Productivity 

Digital Signature

A good sign of the future of business.

In today’s modern business environment, accessibility to office documents or printers shouldn’t affect workflow. To maintain business continuity in any scenario, and to reduce the threats associated with paper documents, GCG Enterprise Solutions offers a more contemporary solution to the document approval process – Digital Signature.

Unlike an electronic signature that digitally mimics the hand-drawn image of a person’s signature, and is therefore prone to forgery, Digital signatures are hardcoded digital identifiers that are immutably attached to documents after a verified process through a third party. The system allows authorization to take place over a Web Service or Mobile App such as the UAE’s proprietary application UAE PASS.

What is UAE Pass ?

GCG Enterprise Solutions has a proven track record supporting businesses with the latest solutions and technologies. 

The UAE Pass is the first national digital identity platform allowing the UAE population to not only access services on a single mobility identity, but also to digitally sign documents anytime and anywhere with the aim of improving customer experience.
Our expertise in enterprise solutions will help you easily adopt and adapt UAE Pass, and drive your digital transformation journey onward.

Cognitive Automation

The strongest minds never stop learning.

Look forward to error-free execution of structured business processes by bots that mimic or emulate selected tasks (transaction steps) within overall business objectives. Self-improving automation using AI and machine learning turns unstructured data into structured information allowing bots to handle increasingly complex, real-time operational business intelligence that can be applied to your business operations.

Content Enrichment

Identify and apply content based on customer wants learned by the system.

Robotic Process Automation

AI reacts to changes, learns and adjusts for best possible outcome

Email Management

Bots identify high-frequency requests and adjust production output accordingly

Chatbot Interactions

Learning expressions and tones to answer questions in natural language

Process Modelling and Mapping

If there’s a better way of doing things we’ll find it together.

Enhance the customer experience and improve your retention and business performance.

Growing businesses are especially in need of maintaining regulatory compliance.

GCG Enterprise Solutions provides visibility and control of your business by using artificial intelligence to map out and identify opportunities for workflow improvements. The software eliminates the boundaries between applications, systems and people to automate structured and unstructured processeses – thereby reducing overheads and costs. 

This will allow you to put more focus on stakeholders and the requirements of their roles to innovate your business in other areas. 

Our solution reduces human errors and miscommunication while improving processes’ throughput and efficiency.