Meeting Management

The simplest meeting room booking system.

The volume of meeting requests and the mess that meetings leave behind can be overwhelming. Meeting Management Systems replace the hassle with harmony by managing requests, attendees, schedules, and agendas.

Scheduling and managing meetings and facility reservations are important components in the operation of any organization, from enterprise-level to service-based SMEs. GCG’s Meeting Management System is designed to drive accountability, streamline meeting procedures and align meeting goals and output.

  • Save up to 2,100 hours per year looking for meetings.
  • Reduce no-shows that waste resources.
  • Improve your employees’ overall office experience.
  • Find and schedule with the desired information on bookable assets with ease.
  • Great branding for a company that works!


Perfect your home office: show availability and daily schedule to make sure no one disrupts your meetings and deep work sessions.

Manage meeting rooms, booking them on the spot, check into meetings and display availability

Focus on the tasks that matter the most, automatically cancel no-show meetings and find the next available room .

Enjoy a full overview of your office spaces, display the current meeting room status of up to 9 rooms.