We Get Along With Everyone.

GCG Enterprise Solutions has advised, designed, provisioned, and deployed information management and workflow solutions in multiple industries where value was directly extracted from the solution to enable that specific industry to meet its objectives and accelerate its business outcomes.

Our added value comes from expertise in a broad range of management technologies. It allows us to study and understand any industry’s challenge, then cherry-pick and collaborate various systems into a bespoke solution finessed to that industry’s exacting business needs.

We also strive to strike a balance between redundant over-engineering and ensuring your systems will stand the test of time. So you don’t pay for more than you need, and you won’t end up paying more unnecessarily in the future.

It’s a system of trust that has earned our company a reputable name and prominent clients in nearly every know industry in the region.


The Fast Track to Customer Joy.

The majority of our banking clients’ time and manpower was previously taken up by manual, repetitive tasks such as the filling out and capture of application forms for any number of account procedures. 

Now, with the right technology in place, the majority of customer-based applications are completely automated, allowing customers the freedom to fill out forms on their own, at the time of application – which drastically improves processing time and therefore customer satisfaction.

Not only that but with the new free workflow of applications and case management, bank employees are able to shift their focus to client services and selling new products to customers, thereby turning human capital from a basic cost of business into a profit pool.

Account Opening
Digital capture integrated solutions deigned to expedite the onboarding process. Applications approved in minutes with digital signatures and UAE Pass.
Loan Origination System
Cognitive Capture solutions with immediate background checks through the records management system and managed through robotic automation. 
Payment Solutions
Digital form and document management applied for accurate, automated payments paid to schedule and based on a KPI based fixed asset management system.
Trade Finance
Intelligent business analytics used to track past successes through visualization to paint a picture for advantages or threats.  
Know Your Customer
Capture across all banking platforms combined with cognitive automation to identify patterns and changes in customer behavior. 


Insure customer satisfaction with ease.

GCG Enterprise Solutions will help you manage your insurance data by leveraging state-of-the-art content management technologies to make the capture, process and reporting of customer information easy. 

With everything from quotes to claims, insurance companies deal with an enormous amount of important data. We’ll tailor a solution that will help you cut through the clutter and access all the information you need, whenever you need it. 

With a proven record within the broader financial industry, we understand how to deal with the mind-boggling amounts of information your business deals with every day with a wide range of services suited to each requirement.

Shared Services

Easy payments? That’s an order! 

With automated accounts payable and receivable, GCG Enterprise Solutions will enable your team to access invoices quickly, along with any supporting documentation, and empower decision-makers to grant key approvals in a timely fashion.

With very little coding required, our solutions will provide quick integration with your ERP and ECM to give you complete control over your accounts payable processes. 

Your team’s productivity will skyrocket as your invoice processing time decreases. See results of your investment almost immediately as the cash starts coming in.  

  • Minimize Data Entry Errors
  • Maximize Productivity
  • Leverage Early Payment Discounts
  • Increased Transparency
  • 100% Accurate Recall when Required

Procure the Pay

  • Supply management
  • Cart or requisition
  • Purchase order
  • Receiving
  • Invoice reconciliation
  • Accounts payable

Order to Cash

  • Order Management
  • Order fulfillment
  • Order shipping 
  • Customer invoicing
  • Accounts receivable
  • Payment collections

GCG Enterprise Solutions automated procurement and order fulfillment solutions simplify all workflow processes.


There’s no business like government.

Citizens & Residents’ data held by government departments is incredibly sensitive, and vast. When you’re dealing personal information from every single person in the country, that’s a level ahead of your average conglomerate. That’s why in today’s administrations, it’s so much more important to employ automated systems to ensure accuracy; and conformity so that everyone applying for government services receives the same treatment.  

GCG Enterprise Solutions has assisted several governmental departments by not only improving efficacies of service and solutions but maximizing the use of their data to improve their value for citizens too. 


Equipped for speed, designed for quality.

AI and the IoT are now being used to speed up diagnoses and patient care. However, the volume of the data involved in today’s healthcare systems means that capture and store are more important than ever. GCG Enterprise Solutions’ workflow is at the forefront of data capture and care solutions with the expertise to innovate the industry with both turnkey partner technology and the made-to-order proprietary applications we create.

We’ll help make everything from a patient’s first visit to building lasting relationships easier while ensuring your document processes meet the legal requirements imposed by health authorities. 

Oil & Gas

Fully automated, unattended production. 

Data-driven automation and analytics promises increased production and faster time-to-market, but as with all new technology, it exposes your business to potential new risks as well. As long-term partners to major players in the Oil & Gas industries, we’re perfectly positioned with the experience to foresee and adapt to these risks

Make the best use of our Computer-Aided Facility Management and enjoy a clear overview of your entire operation at any point in time. Orders processing and payments couldn’t be easier while we’ll look for ways to automate tasks to ensure your plant is running, smoother, faster and fully compliant to safety.


Enhance visitor experience.

The Hospitality Sector is one of the key supports of every country’s strategy to drive diversity in the economy and respond to the needs of increasing tourism, expatriates, and the local population. Significant events in the region such as the World Cup 2022 and Expo 2021 are considered to be major boosters to increase tourism in UAE. Dubai is also among the leading MICE destinations in the region, bringing more business people to conferences, meetings, and tradeshows, hence the increase in the number of hotels and services around them.

We offer tailored solutions designed for the hotel sector to help you enhance visitor experience. They have been tried and tested and are trusted by major hotel facilities in the region to provide guaranteed levels of performance and efficiency to stay ahead of ever-increasing demands.


Fully automated, unattended production. 

The Defense & Security sector presents advanced challenges in digital information management. Heightened security, organizational protocols, and access control can all be achieved with the right digital structures in place.

GCG Enterprise Solutions’ accumulated experience and technical knowledge will be well-utilized with appropriate solutions that promise the highest performance and efficiencies to reinforce our UAE Defense and Security organizations.