Specialized Services

Another day, another discipline.

There have been occasions when clients have come to us with requests to solve specific business problems. In these cases, our professional teams have stepped up and, using experience and a broad knowledge of the technology at hand, have developed bespoke service solutions.

Now, your business can take advantage of the same expertise.

If you have an uncommon business challenge that you think might be solved with a digital eye, give us a chance to make your life easy.

Visitor Management Solutions

The warmer your welcome, the wider their wallet. 

Clients and guests should always feel comfortable when visiting your business. An open door policy shows honesty and integrity. But open arms shouldn’t expose your business to security risk. 

GCG Enterprise Solutions offers a holistic management program that improves your Visitor Experience with a more streamlined approach.

Visitor profiles and recurring visitor lists can radically speed up the check-in procedures, while pre-registration for an impending visit can start from when you first send a meeting request.

Our solution presents an instant overview of who is on-premises at any time, with increased levels as you wish to identify where in the building they are too.

  • Streamlined Visitor Processing,
  • Create Visitor Profiles
  • Get Real-Time Access to Visitor Lists
  • Elevate Security
  • Swift Emergency Reponse

Custom Software Development

To solve some problems you need to re-write the rules.

If GCG Enterprise Solutions’ professional services team finds that there isn’t a software solution to your unique problem, we’re qualified to write a new one to ensure your business isn’t held back.

Our offering includes:

  • Product Application and Design
  • Consulting
  • Software Development
  • Content Delivery

Certified engineers ensure fast time-to-market and quick implementation of projects, concepts, security regulations, and/or the resolution of operational issues ensuring the highest uptime on your network.